Philosophy / Vision


People. Passion. Precision. Spindles since 1947.

At Meyrat SA we are guided by a fundamental company philosophy : concentrate our competences and our resources to the development of high-performance, high-precision products – motorised or belt driven spindles – which allow our partners – machine-tool manufacturers or end customers in diverse industries – to meet the needs of their specific markets.


Our values

A clear vision and common values are the characteristics specific to the Meyrat SA company culture.



Customers are at the heart of our activity. Well aware that without them we wouldn’t be here, we place their satisfaction and the establishment of a partnership relation over the long term at the top of our priorities. We are willing to listen to them and offer all our competences and our adaptive capacity to ensure their success.



The excellence of Meyrat spindles is directly linked to the competence, passion and motivation of its employees. We are committed to offer them the chance to attain their full potential by flourishing in both the company and their personal lives. This idea is concretised by the creation of an agreeable work atmosphere as well as a permanent willingness to listen to their desires and needs.



Your quality is ours. Our capacity to adapt and our determination to satisfy the particular needs of our customers’ markets allow providing the precise quality level that they expect. To this end, we regularly upgrade our production unit with the latest technologies and give to our employees the means to control the simplest to most complex processes and operations.



In a constantly moving global economy, we think that innovation is indispensable for our growth and that of our partners. This is why we are resolutely turned toward the future to anticipate the market’s needs and orient our decisions toward a sustainable development of our company.