People. Passion. Precision. Spindles since 1947.



Creation of the Meyrat Frères Company at Bienne by Raymond and Pierre Meyrat. The company is specialised in the subcontracting of precision mechanical work.


1960 - 1970

Beginning and concentration on the manufacture of spindles with sliding bearings and customised development.


1970 – 1980

Acquisition of equipment for high-precision grinding. Development of the first Meyrat spindle for the aeronautical industry in tight collaboration with a manufacturer of machine-tools dedicated to this precise field.


1980 – 1990

The 1980s mark the advent of a new era for the MEYRAT SA Company. In fact, during this decade, the company :

  • Introduces the first Meyrat high-speed spindles with bearings, thus entering another dimension.
  • Offers subcontracting for more and more complex and demanding projects, which allowed it to acquire indispensable competences and an excellent understanding of end customer needs.
  • Enters the Nugerol Holding Group SA


1990 – 2000

Acquisition of new, larger and more modern premises in the Industrial Area of Biel-Bienne to continue guaranteeing its production capacity.

Increase of the technical personnel by the creation of a technical office dedicated to spindle development.

MEYRAT SA continues its development at the national and international level via distribution partnerships. To that end, the company equips its production departments with the latest generation machines, which marks the beginning of internal grinding to attain finish and quality levels of excellence.


2000 – 2010

Setting up of the R&D department. MEYRAT SA is endowed with a team of highly qualified engineers dedicated to the development of standard and custom spindles.

Marketing of spindles under the MEYRAT trademark. This implicated terminating the collaboration between MEYRAT SA and its distribution partner.

Launching of the first 22 mm dia. spindle, the MHF-22, which is widely used in the lathing field for all-purpose applications.

Driven always with the same dynamism and a thirst for innovation, MEYRAT SA successfully launches the MHF-25 spindle in the high frequency spindle field.

Automation of a part of the production for higher performance and efficiency: MEYRAT SA acquires equipment which allow producing 24/7, thus guaranteeing a higher production capacity.


2010 to this day

Introduction of a series of high-torque spindles, which extend the application field of the MEYRAT products and, consequently, an innovation concretised by a 30 mm dia. high-torque spindle.

Always concerned about satisfying the needs and expectations of its clientele in terms of quality, deadlines, quantities and services, MEYRAT SA enlarged in 2014 its premises, increasing at the same time its production and storage capacity.

New image and reinforcement of the Swiss Made positioning to accentuate its international development by the integration of new distributors in various countries.

Each day we continue to contribute to our determination, our experience and our competences to push ahead always further the limits of the possible.