People. Passion. Precision. Spindles since 1947.

We bet on our employees’ competences. In a team committed and turned toward the future, they are the key to Meyrat SA’s success. We offer them interesting prospects based on the following 4 principles:


Working at Meyrat SA is not just a job, it is also a springboard to enhance one’s own development at each opportunity.


Employees make a company what it is. Meyrat SA wants not only the best for its employees, but also to be among the best.


Meyrat implements the means required for a good personal and professional development for each of its employees.

Strong values

A clear vision and common values are the characteristics specific to the Meyrat SA company culture. It doesn’t involve an individual’s work, but rather that of an entire team.

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You will find under this heading all our employment offers. We look forward to receiving and studying your application file. If no job is published, don’t hesitate to spontaneously send your file.

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Our company trains multi-mechanics apprentices. The training embodies all the steps required to realize a finished product. It extends from a part’s drawing, through manufacturing (turning, milling, truing), to the product’s final assembling.

Our modern machine installed base allows trainees to get acquainted with the latest technologies and machining processes without neglecting the trade’s most traditional aspects, that is, conventional machines which allow manufacturing prototypes or doing touchup work. The test department also offers the possibility to work with the hydraulic-pneumatic field and all touching electricity.

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Research thesis and projects

Since we like to contribute to research and training, we grant projects on request intended for higher educational institution research theses on real subjects/problematics in the fields of mechanical construction, study, design and management economy.


We propose real subjects/problematics related to our daily activity. So that your interests and ours join, we organise a meeting where each party expresses his needs. Furthermore, during your research and thesis writing phase, an specialised department’s expert will help supervise you.

Application and selection procedure

If you wish to do your research thesis work at Meyrat SA, you can address to us a spontaneous application. Please send to us your application 3 to 6 months in advance. In your application, please indicate:

  • the date when you wish to start
  • if an internship for the writing of your thesis is necessary
  • the field or the desired thematic priorities
  • a brief summary of your higher educational institution’s requirements for your thesis

Your application will be submitted to the concerned department, which will invite you, if applicable, for an interview and will propose to you a thesis subject. After a conclusive interview, you will receive a contract for a project dedicated to the writing of your research thesis.