Leading-edge technologies

Bearing systems:

Hybrid bearings

The ultra resistant steel/ceramic hybrid bearings of the MEYRAT spindles can withstand very high temperatures and speeds. They allow an optimum holding of the shafts by supporting axial and radial loads for an excellent rigidity, while facilitating their rotation. In addition, thanks to an ideal lubrication, their rotations minimize the friction in the roller bearing, guaranteeing a long service life for the spindles.


  • Reliable operations
  • Long spindles service life
  • Precision and quality of the end results

Cooling system:

Air cooling system

Depending on the spindle versions, it may be necessary to use an air flow for cooling in order to limit temperature increases. This process is always optimized so as to propose a perfect efficiency combined with a reduced air consumption. The result is reduced energy needs as well as a minimized impact of the operations on the environment.


  • Low consumption
  • Environment protection
  • Bearings protection by the repelling effect

Water cooling system

Depending on the proposed MEYRAT spindle versions, it may be necessary while they are operating to cool the motor and the bearings in order to evacuate the heat. In addition to an improved spindle reliability and lifetime, this process allows by using a regulated coolant to stabilise the spindle temperature regardless of its rotating speed.


  • Perfect precision and stability at the tool end
  • Temperature stability
  • Long service life and reliability

Lubrification system:

The air+oil lubrification implements a distributor associated with a compressed air tubing (pneumatic tube). The dosed oil volume is sprayed and transported along the tubing wall by a continuous flow of compressed air. The oil quantity is pulse fed into a mixing point (mixing valve), where the air flow also arrives. The almost continuously generated oil flow exits from the nozzle in the form of fine droplets and lubricates the bearing without any contact. The roller bearing is placed under a slight overpressure which prevents dirt from penetrating into the sensitive bearings.


  • Maximum efficiency of your MEYRAT spindle over the long term
  • Environment friendly system thanks to a minimum discharge of oil into the air
  • Minimum spindle maintenance and longer bearing service life thanks to the effect of an overpressured air preventing the entry of dirt

Lubrication for life

Once run in, the high precision bearings generally operate with a minimum quantity of lubricant, which allows obtaining a frictional moment and an operating temperature as low as possible. The grease which accumulates on each side of the bearing acts like a reservoir, which allows the oil to flow in a bearing track, thus ensuring optimum lubrication throughout your spindle’s life cycle.


  • Excellent protection against wear
  • Cost optimisation throughout your spindle’s service life because no special maintenance is required
  • Grease particularly resistant and specially developed for high precision bearings

Driving system

Our customized frequency converter for standard MEYRAT spindles is the device which allows an optimum driving for production operations. As a result, users will benefit from :

  • High safety and increased productivity thanks to the LCD display system with load bar, which allows you to display the load level
  • Very high-performance move forward speed and the possibility to use larger diameter tools via our new control technology with a 50% and higher torque at slow speed
  • 10% power increase
  • Compatible with the MEYRAT High Frequency spindles MHF-19 to MHF-45


  • Display of performances during operations
  • Automatic detection of the MEYRAT spindle thanks to pre-encoding
  • Possibility of using several spindles with a compact switch
  • Rapid change of the rotating direction