Customized spindles

Customized development

Together we create value add for your customers!

1. Analysis
of your needs and requirement
2. Development
and conception
3. Validation
and proof concepting by prototyping
4. Serie 0
5. Lifecycle
of the solution
6. SpinCare
and after sales service

Customized development

MEYRAT SA: reliable and experienced partner in the Development of custom spindles to meet the specific needs of high demanding projects including the following features: Ø 16 - 150 mm P max 25 kW / 30 Nm / Vmax 150'000 rpm

For all other specifications our limits are yours.

Thanks to our many passionate years dedicated to High Precision, we possess solid competences in the customized development of motorized spindles or belt driven spindles of excellent quality.

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Customized Spindles

Drilling, milling and mircro-machining spindle - 32

32 mm
79 mm
18'000 (rpm)
Drilling, milling and mircro-machining spindle

Customized Spindles

Grinding spindle - 80

80 mm
337 mm
3800 W
20000 (rpm)
Grinding spindle

Customized Spindles

Part holder Spindle - 120

120 mm
310.5 mm
3300 W
3'000 (rpm)
Part holder Spindle
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