Our philosophy for the development of customized spindles is based on 6 pillars which we consider indispensable for the success of our customers : 

A long-term based customer-supplier relationship.

Guided by this principle, we concentrate our competences in the development of reliable custom spindles whose service life and performances ensure an excellent return on investment. More than a supplier, we are positioned as a partner who wants to contribute to the success of its most diversified customers.

A great flexibility 

In terms of quantity and deadline. In fact, our production system, which is always at the forefront of technology, allows us to achieve complex projects of very small quantities up to hundreds of deliverable units according to the customer’s calendar. 

A design and realization to the thousandths for a long service life. 

Our methods validated by our long experience allow us to reach the thousandths and beyond.

Demanding competences and an in-depth understanding from the simplest to the most complex applications. .

Our highly qualified engineers and technicians are trained in the cradle of the machine tool, where everything begins, in professional centers and engineering schools dedicated to the mechanical industry. Thus, their excellent training combined with the experience acquired in the branch provide them with the overall knowledge and competences to allow them to grasp the key elements of the end applications. In addition, at MEYRAT SA, ongoing, in-house training is strongly encouraged. 

A 360° management of projects. 

Seeking to satisfy the precise needs of our customers right from the first contacts, we accept to take charge of the developments of custom spindles by providing the following :

  • the assignment of a project manager
  • meeting with the customer and defining the needs according to the application
  • a feasibility study 
  • the definition of the specification according to customer needs
  • the proposal of 2D or 3D concepts to allow an initial viewing 
  • a customized offer
  • a construction study for a final version
  • the development of one or more prototype spindles
  • the performance of tests and the validation of the prototypes
  • the confirmation of the order
  • a clientele follow-up and a satisfaction study 

A responsive and competent after-sales service. 

For any development of customised spindles, MEYRAT SA guarantees a responsive and competent after-sales service, as well as a stock and/or manufacture of spare parts throughout the product’s life cycle. 

We are pleased to respond to all your requests concerning the development of a custom spindle , whether for an offer or for information.

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