Solutions and a multi-purpose partner for your precise needs.

MEYRAT SA works in this context since its founding in 1947 providing tailored solutions and offering standard spindles to various industries such as automotive, aviation, dental, electronics, medtec, watches and tooling.

Today, after many collaborations and projects realized in these areas, we have the skills and versatility necessary for the development and the production of innovative spindles that fully comply with market requirements by integrating current applications and technologies.


Impressed by the Swiss Made watchmaking passion and tradition recognised around the world since its foundation, MEYRAT SA is well acquainted with the particularly high requirements in terms of precision, surface condition and efficiency of this field. Consequently, it has the capacity to develop and manufacture standard or custom spindles meeting the highest quality and performance criteria for watchmakers, machine-tool manufacturers or sub-contractors of the sector.


The automobile industry is in constant evolution and requires high-performance, reliable equipment offering a high flexibility and multi-purpose capability oriented by a search for maximum efficiency. Milling and griding spindles represent the most suitable solutions for operations on engine blocks, gearboxes, cylinder heads and other mecanical components.


In the aviation field, component lightness and strength are crucial. As a result, while machining, a maximum amount of matter is removed from materials very difficult to work, subjecting machines and spindles to heavy loads during milling operations. Here, to remain efficient, milling spindles must guarantee a high advance speed in conjunction with an optimum torque.


The electronic world is evolving at a rapid pace driven by the dynamism of the increased competition between the manufacturers of computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices. Consequently, innovation, design, responsiveness and cost efficiency are sources of competitive advantages for the field’s players. And, the precision, flexibility and performances of MEYRAT spindles provide these players with the keys to advance in this direction.

Medical and dental industries

The human body is a complex and resistant organism composed of a multitude of interlinked microstructures whose control imposes the highest performances. These are the requirements that the medical industry must meet when innovative and reliable solutions have to be implemented to reconstruct some parts of this system and guarantee the safeguard of a maximum of their functionalities. We at MEYRAT SA are aware of these complex, special needs, and that’s why we foster our position at the forefront of technology to develop spindles at the same innovative level as implant manufacturers.

Tooling industry

Turning is a machining process for removing material with a spindle to obtain cylindrically and/or conically shaped parts. The part to be machined is fastened in a clamp, a mandrel or between tips.

Toolmakers are key players in the mechanical production. Indeed, the precision and surface finish depend directly of quality as well as the rigidity of the machining tools combined with Spindle performance that is inseparable. The applications are numerous and require efficiency, ingenuity and competitiveness in terms of design and manufacturing. To meet these specific needs, MEYRAT SA draws on all technical skills and R & D to provide its partners active in the field.